Monday, April 23, 2012


   Over the years we have worked hundreds of conventions, but by far the best tour we have had the privilege to be involved with has been THE INKLIFE TOUR!
 The promoters for the Inklife Tour are Ragen St.Peter and George Galindo. Ragen and George are consummate professionals and have brought us onto the Inklife Tour as family. This convention tour is completely artist driven and offers the best in the world of tattooing, body piercing, and supplies. Also featured at these events are the very best in music and entertainment (We perform our family friendly magic show at all of the Inklife events).
  In keeping with the professional atmosphere of these events we decided that the standard "banner and table" so prevalent at other shows, was simply inadequate to the look and feel that we wanted to project. To that end we have designed and implemented the booth we currently travel with. (You can see the booth on our facebook site) After receiving kudos (in the form of 1st place trophies in both Ft. Meyers FL. and Oklahoma City OK. for Best Booth) we knew we were on the right track and Ragen and George have embraced our want to "up the game" with great enthusiasm.
  Ragen Runs the logistic side of the tour and is an absolute professional in all aspects of the business. He is attentive to the artist needs and will do anything he can to make the artists more comfortable while simultaneously keeping the bands on time, and ensuring that the patrons are entertained and fed. Ragen and his wife Lara just welcomed a new member to their family with the birth of their son Brendan (who just had his 1st birthday). We got to meet Lara in Ft. Meyers and she is an absolutely wonderful lady.
 George is and amazing tattoo artist (he owns House of Pain Tattoos in El Paso TX.) and as such is really in tune with what artist need to have a successful time at a convention. George and his wife Edith see to the vast needs of all the artists from supplying all the health and safety equipment to making sure we all stay fed.  George brings his family to almost all of the shows and they too have welcomed us with open arms.
 Ragen and George understand the needs of the artist and to that end they always focus heavily on promoting the shows to help bring the maximum turn out. They also understand the need to entertain the patrons of these events and bring the very best entertainment they can get. Static X and Mushroomhead will be joining Day of the New this season.
Also joining the Inklife Tour this season is our good friend Carl Blasphemy. Carl has been the voice of tattoo conventions in Philly, Baltimore, and Easy Rider events just name a few and is a true pro on the mic.
 Also at Inklife Tour are our friends Amy Nicoletto (L.A. Ink) and Mike Morrissey (InkEeze aftercare). Amy and Mike have become our fast friends and working with them has been an absolute joy.
  If you have the time to travel to one of the Inklife Tour shows this season you should defiantly endeavor to do so.You won't be disappointed!

Mundus Vult Decipi
Syxx & Seven

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  1. I agree 100%. Inklife is an amazing event! My wife and I both has some ink done by wife an all seeing eye with a larger eye blended in with a little fire from the pyramid. The detail and color is amazing...worth every penny! Myself, I got some Latin writing on my calf's which turned out better than I could have imagined..again worth every red cent! The magic show was awesome! Even my four year old was welcomed, they keep it family friendly for sure..tons of children having a great time. The tour, artists, and music are all spectacular. Ragen and George are very in tune with what the people want. My wife and I were very sad to see it end here in Ft. Myers along with our four year old. Can't wait for next year!

    The Bacon clan!

    P.S. We will see you gentlemen at Zombiecon!